A) Preservation, promotion and dissemination of Vedic Sanatan Dharma.
B) promote the special efforts for the protection srivaisnava denomination.
C) To protect the Vedic tradition Varnashrama compatible vedavedanta, theology, rituals and grammar necessary arrangements to teach astrology reading sanskrtavanmaya.
D) various celebrations, religious programs, mythology and projects to enhance the yajnadiko.
E) Mr. veddhatesa charity to operate.

Organization and need today
Located downtown in different parts of Nepal and India and other countries of this organization Muktinath, damodarakunda, Pashupatinath, Janakpur, devaghatadhama, including free accommodation for pilgrims of movement for tirthadarsanaka and food has been served. The current change with regard to timely complete the level of service facility, elderly proper maintenance and development of religious tourism as dhamako to feel the necessity of a comprehensive master plan consistent with “multi-veddhatesa building” for the support of the planned construction of a request has been prioritized.
Mr. venkatesa multi-master’s house
A) house bhuimtala to solve a long-term source of income for commercial purposes, including the Parking Lot law shutter 20.
B) The first floor
1. Sermon hall (Knowledge Pavilion)
2. Sheesh Mahal (Radhakrishna God murtiyukta)
3. The abbot Ashram
4. Saint, monk residence
5. Religious Museum and Library
C) completion of the second story lodging facility and guest residence.
About 3 million estimated to complete the master plan to remain in the country and abroad bhaktabhagavataharu, organizations, religious social personality whatever financial assistance to participate in the Yakha and paropakarayukta punyakaryama hunuhuna lrr Bank NARAYANGADH, Nepal caltikhata no. 0080256101 humbly request all the support garidinuhuna.
1) Rs. 10, 000.- provides the most up donors’ names will be inscribed addhita.
2) Rs. 3 million donors to support up room as the builder of the name is written in the room dvaramathi.
3) Rs. 5 million donors provide the name “Sis-palace” is written in.
4) Rs. Provide 10 million donors name is written as the builder of a sermon hall.
5) to construct the entire building is placed in the donor ardhakadako statue premises, other family name is placed in the inscription and photos sermon hall.